Providing phenomenal products and a shopping experience to match is the name of the game at Kith NYC. Established in 2011, KITH operates on two planes - a multi functional lifestyle brand for both men and women, and a progressive retail establishment. With the highest quality of goods and in-store service, KITH needed an online shopping experience to match.


The Challenge

The company was looking to reduce shopper friction caused by back-and-forth with customer service. They also had no way of anticipating how many returns to expect for processing in a given week, and at times the staff was bombarded by surprise returns. In addition to this, KITH’s returns process provided no data on returns, the reason for return, or post-purchase engagement.


What You'll Learn

In this customer success story, you'll find out how Returnly helped KITH improve returns operations, eliminate surprise returns, and leverage actionable insights to make informed merchandising decisions.