How 100% Pure Uses Returnly to Cut Down on Waste Caused By Ecommerce Returns


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100% Pure is an organic cosmetics beauty firm focused on providing healthy skin care, color cosmetics and bath and body products. It is committed to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% Pure is so important. The company strives to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to the global community.



Returns were starting to get out of control at 100% Pure. It’s not that the company had return rates that were higher than any other cosmetics brand – in fact, 100% Pure’s return rates were lower than the industry average. But seeing bins full of returned products piling up in the company’s warehouse was extremely frustrating for a brand that cared so deeply about maintaining an environmentally sustainable footprint.

The team recognized the waste caused by returns -- from product and packaging to transportation, but didn’t have many options. Because of health regulations, returned products in the cosmetic industry cannot be resold. And unique challenges in selling cosmetics products online already drive return rates higher than many other retail segments.

For example, there are many variables that come into play when matching colors online. Settings on one computer screen may result in colors being displayed differently than on another screen and there’s no way for shoppers to be completely certain about the product they purchase until they’re able to try it. That’s why 100% Pure makes it as easy as possible for shoppers to return with a liberal returns policy and self-service returns, but now the company needed to find a way to solve the massive waste problem these returns create.


It pains me when I go into our warehouse and see bins of products that are not usable anymore. And it’s not just the product, it’s the packaging that goes with it. Why not just let customers hold onto it and they can pass it on. That model made so much more sense for us.

Ric Kostick
Co-Founder & CEO, 100% Pure

100% Pure customer story for product returns


As a brand that prioritizes customer experience, 100% Pure had already invested in making sure product returns were simple and easy. To enable this, the company relied on a suite of products from Returnly, including its unique post-purchase payments technology that gives shoppers an instant return credit and allows them to buy again before even packaging and shipping back their original items. 

With this new goal to minimize waste in returns and more closely align with values that were so important to its brand, 100% Pure turned back to Returnly to find a solution. Working with 100% Pure, Returnly developed a new approach using its proprietary data network to identify shoppers that have good return habits. This is the data that Returnly relies upon to determine which shoppers receive the instant credit experience, and is the same data it used to develop its Green Returns ™  solution.

With Green Returns, eligible customers are greeted by a note to keep the product at no cost, with a suggestion that they give it to a friend or family member that could use it. Then they’re immediately given a credit to make another purchase or can be refunded in full. Ultimately, Green Returns allow 100% Pure to surprise and delight shoppers with an experience that is not only good for business, but great for the environment.

100% Pure customer story for product returns


Outcome #1 – Improved Sustainability

With Returnly’s Green Returns solution, 100% Pure has taken significant steps toward aligning more closely with its mission of sustainability and the fundamental values of its customers. Green Returns not only reduces product and packaging waste, but emissions from transporting returned products that will never be used.

Outcome #2 – Lower Operational Costs

In addition to the environmental benefits, Green Returns translate into lower costs and higher margins. 100% Pure pays return shipping for its customers and has drastically reduced that volume and cost. Fewer return shipments also saves the company costs by reducing the time and labor dedicated towards managing them.

Outcome #3 – Higher Customer Loyalty

This wow-experience boosts trust and appreciation among customers, increasing loyalty and repeat shoppers. By offering an instant credit in addition to returnless refunds, 100% Pure has seen a 30% repurchase conversion rate and 175% uplift on repurchase orders.


100% returnless refunds is not possible as you will be facing fraud as a few bad actors will buy a lot of inventory. Returnly acts as the gatekeeper.

Ric Kostick
Co-Founder & CEO, 100% Pure

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In addition to the environmental benefits, Green Returns has translated into lower costs, higher margins and new revenue opportunities.

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