How Greats' Delivers Instant Gratification to Today’s Modern Shoe Shoppers

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Greats is a Brooklyn-born footwear brand. The company designs classically inspired sneakers with luxury high quality materials. As the first digitally-native sneaker brand that sells direct-to-consumer, Greats can offer incredible value and quality. The company’s mission is simple – to sell premium, quality essentials at a fair price.


As a digital-first brand, Greats’ focus on quality extends well beyond its product. The company is just as obsessed with delivering the highest quality online shopping experience and is always looking for innovative new ways to elevate that experience. Unsurprisingly, size and fit remain a big challenge for online footwear brands and the exchange process used by most is flawed. By the time a shopper receives their original purchase, tries it on, ships it back, waits for the item to be received and inspected, it can be weeks before the new pair ships out. Greats needed a better, faster return process to ensure they could deliver a superior experience from order to exchange, and beyond.

Greats footwear exchanges customer story


We’re very proud of the fact that return rates at Greats are nearly half the industry average. And when we learned that most people returning a product are usually doing so to make an exchange, we wanted to make that process as fast and efficient as possible.

Ryan Babenzien
Founder & CEO, Greats



To improve the speed and efficiency of returns and exchanges for its customers, Greats partnered with Returnly. Now when a Greats customer initiates a return, they’re immediately asked if they’d like to exchange for a new size. After only a few clicks, their new shoes are shipped out, even before the customer returns their original purchase. If a customer would simply like to return their purchase altogether, the process is just as easy. 

Greats never charges for return shipping and does not impose any restocking fee, so the customer simply prints out a shipping label and sends the product back. By working with Returnly, qualified customers are also offered a return credit that allows them to immediately shop again with Greats. In the case of both repurchases and exchanges, Returnly assumes the risk and settles the new order in real-time.

Being able to ship the new product before receiving and inspecting the original purchase dramatically cuts the time it takes for shoppers to get their new items. And for returns, giving customers an option to buy again without having to ship back their purchase or wait for a credit card to process their refund, boosts repurchasing rates.

Greats footwear exchanges customer story


Outcome #1 – Exceeding Customer Expectations

On average, customers making an exchange receive their new item within three days of starting the return. And because they don’t have to ship the original back right away, they can compare their two pairs side-by-side, making their decision that much easier. The seamless experience has improved customer happiness and resulted in a shopper satisfaction rating of 94%, driving real value for the business.

Outcome #2 – Accelerating Time-to-Repurchase

With the streamlined return process, customers are buying again much more quickly. In fact, 95% of Greats’ shoppers that repurchase or exchange, convert on the same day that they start their return with their new order shipping out right away.

Outcome #3 – Fast Fit for First-Timer Shoppers

By making it as easy as possible for shoppers to find their fit, Greats has been able to put its best foot forward to turn more first-time buyers into happy customers that come back to their business time and time again.


Returnly’s instant exchange solution is a key component to making sure we are delivering the best possible online experience for our shoppers.

Ryan Babenzien
Founder & CEO, Greats

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Accelerated time-to-repurchase and exchange conversion while driving a 94% shopper satisfaction rating. 

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