How KITH Delivers a Premium Shopper Experience and Eliminates Surprise Returns


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Established in 2011, KITH operates on two planes - a multifunctional lifestyle brand for both men and women, and a progressive retail establishment. The company offers an array of premium products, ranging from an in-house label to a curated selection of multi-brand apparel and footwear. 


It’s indisputable that KITH has phenomenal product. This is in part due to the great relationships KITH has established with well-known top brands. Many of these relationships were possible precisely because of their premium level of service.

Improving the shopping experience for one of KITH's biggest stores, their e-commerce store, was high priority for KITH as a brand. A shopper’s post-purchase process is a key part of the overall shopping experience and KITH was looking to reduce friction for shoppers caused by back and forth with customer service about product returns. They were searching for a branded self-service online product returns flow that would improve the e-commerce shopping experience while enabling new customer touch points.

KITH also needed more in-bound product returns visibility. They had no way of anticipating how many returns to expect for processing in a given week, and at times staff were ‘bombarded’ by surprise returns. The team needed a way to improve and streamline their internal workflows.

In addition, KITH’s returns process did not provide data around what products were returned and why, nor data on shopper post-purchase engagement. The team was looking to leverage actionable returns insights to inform merchandising decisions and increase net sales.

KITH customer story for product returns


KITH leveraged Returnly’s Enterprise platform to offer the best-in-class online product returns experience that their customers expect and deserve. Returnly's automation streamlined returns operations and enabled tracking and monitoring of product returns and shopper post-purchase engagement. 



Outcome #1 – Best-in-Class Shopping Experience
For KITH shoppers, Returnly provides all the things that the customer needs in one place, enabling a very quick and hassle-free return. KITH shoppers are quiet and happy about the returns process since integrating with Returnly. No more returns process lag; it’s awesome.

Outcome #2 – Better Business Decisions
In addition, KITH's operations team is able to relay accurate and highly actionable information to production. For example, when they observe that certain items are being returned for size more than others, this information is properly relayed so that the product and marketing departments can make adjustment and ultimately increase net sales.

Outcome #3 – Significant Time Savings
By integrating with Returnly, KITH said farewell to surprise returns bombardments. Returns predictability allows their fulfillment team to plan according to whether they are heavy on returns that week or are very light. Streamlined operations free up enough time that the staff can now focus on other revenue generating areas of the business that drive growth.

KITH customer story for product returns


Returnly’s reporting capabilities have been very beneficial: the transparency and shear fact that we know exactly what we are getting has made huge improvements to operations work flows.

Nick Annacone

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Products Used
KITH leveraged Returns Center, Instant Credit and Analytics.

Business Impact
KITH is now able to deliver the best-in-class online product returns experience that their customers expect and deserve, along with significant time savings and return insights.