How Paul Evans Scales Operations and Drives New Revenue Post-Purchase 



Paul Evans is a direct-to-consumer luxury men’s footwear brand. The company was built with one goal in mind: stylish, comfortable shoes made from the highest quality materials, delivered straight to your doorstep. Each pair of Paul Evans is painted by a skilled Napolitano artisan to create a truly remarkable and unique finishing effect.


As a high-end Italian leather shoe brand, delivering a positive customer experience was a high priority for Paul Evans. Not uncommon in footwear, the vast majority of the companies returns were size or fit-related.

As the online business quickly grew, the manual return process had become a pain-point for both the staff and shoppers. With the goal of making the online experience as frictionless as possible, Paul Evans needed a better way to manage returns. 



Paul Evans leveraged Returnly Enterprise to automate their return and refund process. Shoppers could get a replacement return label and manage the entire returns process on their own, reducing the highly manual tasks for the Paul Evans team.Being able to offer customers an instant refund to shop again not only increases repurchase conversions, but it has made a big impact on customer satisfaction for Paul Evans shoppers.


Now everything is electronic. There‘s an easy record of it. Customers can manage the entire returns process on their own and shop again right away. That has been huge for us.


Evan Fript
Cofounder & CEO



There are countless use cases and questions that arise during returns that result in high-touch, low-value chores like generating return shipping labels. Returnly allows customers to pleasantly handle the returns process on their own, eliminating these manual tasks and freeing up the Paul Evans team to focus on what matters most - growing their business.

Hands-Off Revenue

By offering an instant refund, Paul Evans has seen a boost in repurchases, turning 37% of their online returns into new sales. Furthermore, when buying again, shoppers are spending more than their original average order value creating hands-off sales that would not have happened otherwise. 



It‘s more than just a returns portal. Returnly is driving actual uplift that wouldn‘t have happened otherwise.

Evan Fript
Cofounder & CEO


Fraud Protection

With Returnly Checkout, Paul Evans can issue instant refunds to their best customers without having to take any of the risks. If the shoes are lost in the mail or come back damaged, they don’t have to worry. The Returnly platform boosts your customers spending power and protects your business from all vectors of fraud, policy abuse and returns risk.


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