Thinx Makes Ecommerce Returns Friendlier For Shoppers & The Planet




Named “one of the best inventions” by Time magazine, Thinx is a revolutionary period-proof underwear company with a mission to create the most innovative period solutions that empower women and sustain our planet.



Returns are a big challenge for intimates retailers. Due to the nature of the product, intimates retailers such as Thinx, are often required to dispose of used and opened products that pose a potential health risk, adding to the 5 billion pounds of waste that retail returns create each year. For a brand that cared so deeply about maintaining an environmentally sustainable footprint, Thinx needed to find a way to eliminate the wasted resources that these return create.

In addition to the sustainability challenges, the Thinx team found itself spending valuable time and resources handling these returns. The purpose-driven company set out to find a smarter solution to improve both operating efficiency and environmental impact.

thinx return solution for sustainability


As a brand that prioritizes customer experience, Thinx had already invested in making sure product returns were simple and hassle-free. To ensure this, the company relied on a suite of products from Returnly, including its unique post-purchase payments technology that gives shoppers an instant return credit and allows them to buy again before even packaging and shipping back their original items. 

With Returnly Green Returns™ enabled, Thinx was able to bring a smart returns policy into their return process as well. Using underwriting that leverages Returnly’s proprietary behavioral shopper data and Thinx’s business rules, Green Returns makes real-time policy decisions that guarantee the best outcome. One potential outcome is a returnless refund, where eligible customers are greeted by a note to keep the product at no cost. Then they’re immediately given a credit to make another purchase or can be refunded in full. Ultimately, Green Returns allow Thinx to deliver an amazing customer experience that is good for both business and the planet.


It just makes good business sense to reward our best customers instead of moving forward with a return that cannot be resold.

Brendan Hastings
Director, Engineering & Digital Product
thinx return solution for sustainability


Outcome #1 – Improved Sustainability

With Returnly’s Green Returns solution, Thinx has taken significant steps toward aligning its mission of sustainability by reducing the environmental footprint of processing, handling and disposing of returns. By living out their company values in a new and unexpected way, Green Returns has made a huge impact on consumer happiness, while doing what's right for the planet.

Outcome #2 – Massive Cost Savings

In addition to the sustainability benefits, Thinx has unlocked massive savings in shipping costs, warehouse handling, and customer support contact. By launching Green Returns, the Thinx customer experience team is saving up to 50 hours a month -- 600 hours over the course of the year, that would be have previously been spent handling returns. 


Adding Green Returns has been so valuable for Thinx. The customer experience team has more time to work on other projects, and the cost savings have made a huge impact on our bottom-line.

Brendan Hastings
Director, Engineering & Digital Product




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Returnly Green Returns™  

Business Impact
In addition to the environmental benefits, Green Returns has unlocked massive savings in shipping, warehouse costs and support contact.

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